Send and Click Tool V4.1

This is a program that will try different AutoHotkey send and click techniques to see what does or does not work for a user selected program. This has also been proven useful with games. It tests 20+ different techniques to achieve the best results

Getting started:
1. Run this script, your game or program as Administrator in Window mode and press the Space key.
2. Read all info in the script.
3. Go to the “config” tab.
3. Press “Select a Window” to select the window of the Program or game you would like to test.
4. Enter a “Time Delay” which is the sleep between the commands clicks and sends.
5. Enter the “Enter test key” and type the key you would like to test Note: (F1,F3,Escape or Middle mouse button will NOT work as a test keys.).
6. Press “Select the mouse coordinates” then select the area that you want the mouse clicks to be and press Space key.
7. Select if you want to test all the different commands or you can be selective on whats to be tested.
8. Press “RUN” button to start it.
9. Make sure everything is right in the msgbox.
10. Press F1 or F3 depending on what you want to test first.

Press Escape Key to exit/stop Send and Click Tool V4.1

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